Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach both electric and acoustic guitar?

Yes! I teach both electric and acoustic guitar and the choice of which to learn is completely up to you!

Do you teach children?

Absolutely, I teach all age groups and pride myself on the specially designed guitar lessons for children I have developed over the years. They are extra fun! Over the years I have taught loads of young students, I have found that children over 5 get the most out of half hour lessons each week while children over 12 suit hour lessons. I have been fully CRB checked and invite you to join us during our guitar lessons if you wish.

Where are you located?

I teach my guitar lessons in a specially designed studio based at Unit 12, Drumhill House, Clayton Lane, Bradford, BD14 6RF. It is the perfect environment to learn guitar, calm relaxing and soundproof. It is located right in the centre of Bradford with great transport access. Click on the image below to bring up our location on Google Maps!

Guitar Lessons Bradford Map

Do you teach grades?

Certainly, I have taken many students through the Rockschool electric guitar grading exams with fantastic success. I can take students right up to Grade 8 if needed.

Do you do vouchers?

I certainly do, just get in touch for more information!

How long will it take until I can play guitar?

That really depends on how much practise you put into learning the guitar, you can certainly start playing some basic songs within a few lessons. Within a few months you will be able to play the majority of the open course for songs like Wonderwall etc. before moving onto barre chords and more complex lead guitar work. To become a great player it takes dedication, but those who have the passion can certainly succeed!

1-2-1 Guitar Tuition

Our guitar lessons are taylored specially to your needs as a guitarist, helping you to learn even faster! I cover all styles, everything from rock to jazz, from blues to folk and teach you guitar through the music you love - whether that's Hannah Montana or Metallica we will learn it in our guitar lessons!

So if your interested in learning to play the guitar give us a call on 01274 442085 or get in touch via the contact page!

Learn to play Guitar!
With my professional and one-to-one teaching you can rest assured you can achieve your goals whatever they may be. If you want to headline Glastonbury or just impress your friends, I can help!