Famous Bradford Bands

Famous Bradford Bands

Bradford has produced some amazing bands over the years and here at Guitar Lessons Bradford, we love to inspire our guitar students with stories of bands that have made it who emanated from our city. New Model Army, The Cult, My Dying Bride as well as One Direction's Zayn Malik are just some of the acts that have gone on to become internationally famous. We have compiled a short bio of Bradford's most successful musical artists. Enjoy!

The Cult, formed in Bradford in 1983 emerged in the late 80s as one of the biggest post-punk British bands to break into the American mainstream. It was the Cult's fourth single, She Sells Sanctuary, that gained the band international recognition - peaking at 15 in the UK singles charts and helping them to go onto sell over 2.5 million records of their next album Love released in 1985. Electric, the bands next album released in 1987 outsold all the previous albums combined confirming The Cult as one of the biggest bands in the late 80s, yet all was not well with the band behind the scenes. Fractures between bandmates caused the band to part with two of their members. The early 90s marked a decline in the Cult as the international super band they once were, touring with the likes of Metallica, Aerosmith and being supported by the small unknown band named Guns n' Roses. The band split in 1995, before reforming again in 1999 with the bands latest release of Choice of Weapon in 2012 surprisingly they are still going after nearly 30 years!

New Model Army, named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell, formed in 1980 recorded 11 studio albums over a twenty-five-year career. Despite finding it difficult to break to the American market due to their political outlook (and being rejected for visas!) they made a large impression in the UK and Europe maintaining a presence in the German album charts as late as 2009. Nonetheless, the band has certainly faded into the past - they were close to becoming internationally famous but just never really made it.

One Direction's Zayn Malik, regardless of people perceptions of the boy band One Direction, is also one of Bradford's most successful musicians in terms of albums sold. Selling over 12 million records worldwide the band formed during the 2010 X-Factor series the band signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records. The rose to international fame after the release of their first album Up All Night (2011) successfully entering the American mainstream turning the band into a group worth over £50 million in terms of ticket sales alone! The quick rise to fame might be mirrored by an equally quick demise from the world stage, nonetheless, during 2012 the remained one of the biggest boy bands globally.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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