Guitar Shops in Bradford

Guitar Shops in Bradford

Here at Guitar Lessons Bradford we love a great guitar shop! We know our guitar students do too so we have compiled a short list of the best guitar stores the Bradford has to offer! In no order...

Musicians Centre is a truely fantastic guitar store! Packed with loads of guitars and guitar equipment the store located at The Corner House, Russell Street, Keighley, BD21 2LE. They also run rockband summer camps for aspiring young artists which is well worth attending! They staff are friendly and provide a whole wealth of advice - absolutely top guitar store!

Mannings Musicals is a quirky little music shop located at 75 Westgate, BD1 2RD, in Bradford's town centre. An ever chaning collection of guitars, with some really quality rare guitars the shop is well worth visiting simply out of interest! You can learn a lot from the unusal guitars that are in stock, it is also a musical repair shop which is really important if something goes wrong with your guitar! Absolutely go and have a look!

The Disc DJ Store located on Sunbridge Road, BD1 2NE, is a great store to purchase home recording equipment if you are interested creating a demo tape. Alternatively the shop also supplies some great speaker equipment if you are looking to create a full gig set up including mics & a PA system. Limmited in terms of guitar equipment the shop is actually great for everything around home recording & live gigging!

Northern Drum Centre despite its name strangely has a wide range of guitars and guitar amps in stock (as seen in the photo!). Located at 87 Westgate, BD1 2RD, the have excellent staff capable of advising on a huge range of topics including guitars. Really is an excellent rock music shop - perhaps needs a new name!

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